MICA 126

This is our weekly weight loss injection that can be purchased by calling Lynne Varallo (office manager) for full details.

610-470-9688    lvarallo@icloud.com

4 thoughts on “MICA 126

  1. I started this injection about 2 months ago, and have lost 18 lbs. so far. I am staying away from carbs like you suggested and try to walk up to about 20 min a day. I feel great and people are noticing my weight loss. Is there anything else I should be doing?

    Thanks so much, Catie

  2. Dear Dr. V, thanks for taking the time to speak with me yesterday! I am now on the road to the ” more energetic and happier” me. The Mica 126 has given me the energy I need to start to move! Like you said, ” it really isn’t that difficult”! I stopped eating bread, sugar, and anything which contains white flour, added more fruit and fresh veggies to my program. The injection has helped me gain the energy and did boost my metabolism. Thx again for your help! My best, Berta

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