Professional Blend Green Tea Extract

Professional Blend Green Tea Extract
formulation by Joseph A Varallo, MD. FACOG

The usual dosage is 1 ml or full dropper in 8 oz. water hot or cold

I ml of the extract contains 95mg – 105mg of polyphenols and 30mg – 33mg of EGCG.
15mg caffeine and no alcohol

Health Benefits:

1) Weight Loss

a) Increase Metabolism – burn calories automatically , whether your sleeping, walking , or watching TV. Intensifies the level of fat oxidation.

b) Burn Fat – EGCG acting in combination with caffeine is a more powerful fat burner then caffeine alone.

c) Reduce fat storage – EGCG decreases the amount of insulin produced by the body but increases insulin effectiveness more then 15 times ( this is good for diabetics). Remember eating too many starchy carbohydrates increases your blood sugar which in turn causes too much insulin to be produced. This causes your body to store excess glucose in fat, rather then burning it off as energy.

2) Helps Prevent Heart Disease

a) Helps lower Total & LDL Cholesterol. Increases (good) Cholesterol levels.
b) Reduces blood pressure
c) Acts as a blood thinner (reduces platelet aggregation

3) Decrease risk of stroke by 80%

4) Reduce the risk of esophageal cancer and other cancers as well

5) Immune system booster

6) Great anti – oxidant & anti – inflammatory agent

7) Helps digestion & decreases bloating

8) Tooth Decay – helps destroy bacteria & viruses that cause throat infections. dental caries and other dental conditions

9) Boosts Longevity

One dropper equals 4 to 5 cups of store bought green tea. Use 2 to 3 times per day. You can also put it in your bottled water and drink it all day long.

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