Professional Blend Green Tea Extract

Professional Blend Green Tea Extract
formulation by Joseph A Varallo, MD. FACOG

The usual dosage is 1 ml or full dropper in 8 oz. water hot or cold

I ml of the extract contains 95mg – 105mg of polyphenols and 30mg – 33mg of EGCG.
15mg caffeine and no alcohol

Health Benefits:

1) Weight Loss

a) Increase Metabolism – burn calories automatically , whether your sleeping, walking , or watching TV. Intensifies the level of fat oxidation.

b) Burn Fat – EGCG acting in combination with caffeine is a more powerful fat burner then caffeine alone.

c) Reduce fat storage – EGCG decreases the amount of insulin produced by the body but increases insulin effectiveness more then 15 times ( this is good for diabetics). Remember eating too many starchy carbohydrates increases your blood sugar which in turn causes too much insulin to be produced. This causes your body to store excess glucose in fat, rather then burning it off as energy.

2) Helps Prevent Heart Disease

a) Helps lower Total & LDL Cholesterol. Increases (good) Cholesterol levels.
b) Reduces blood pressure
c) Acts as a blood thinner (reduces platelet aggregation

3) Decrease risk of stroke by 80%

4) Reduce the risk of esophageal cancer and other cancers as well

5) Immune system booster

6) Great anti – oxidant & anti – inflammatory agent

7) Helps digestion & decreases bloating

8) Tooth Decay – helps destroy bacteria & viruses that cause throat infections. dental caries and other dental conditions

9) Boosts Longevity

One dropper equals 4 to 5 cups of store bought green tea. Use 2 to 3 times per day. You can also put it in your bottled water and drink it all day long.

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Dr Varallo’s Weight Loss Program

Dr. Varallo’s Weight Loss Program

The old theory of calories in versus calories out ( exercise) does not apply

anymore. It is more about good calories and bad calories. Calories from protein and

fat do not contribute to obesity. The only important calories to count are those

from the carbohydrates and sugars. Therefore do not count total calories this is

the wrong approach.
Insulin is the most important hormone where comes to controlling fat deposition.

If you eat too many carbohydrates and sugars your insulin level rises.
That is why we start our program off by saying no more soda, diet soda

( aspartame is bad for the brain} pies, cakes – candies – and – all deserts.

Avoid the white starches such as potatoes, bread rolls, cereal, bagels and other

high, starch foods.
This is why our program is based on the glycemic index. This is the measure of

carbohydrates effect on insulin response and blood sugar levels. This list of

different foods is provided to all our participants in the program. Foods with a

value below 50 are considered low insulin stimulators and those above 50 are

powerful stimulators of insulin. Avoid the above 50 and lose weight.
A word about fruit juices – read the labels carefully. They are loaded with sugar

and fructose except for the natural or organic ones.
Our Alpha Lipoic Acid supplement is one of the greatest” carbohydrate busters” on

the market today. Many of our type 2 diabetics on alpa lipoic acid have

managed to eliminate their prescription meds ( metformin) and lose weight.
Studies have also shown that fish oil such as our omega 3-D inhibit stem cells from

forming fat cells.. It reduces fat storage. Vitamin D in the product helps reduce

hunger. It also helps reverse insulin resistance.

The Fluoride factor; hypothyroidism is a leading cause of obesity. Fluoride

accumulation in the thyroid gland interferes with the thyroid production of

thyroid hormone. It was once used to treat an overactive thyroid gland. Do not

drink fluorinated water or foods with high fluoride content such as soy base foods.

Have your thyroid tested when starting a weight loss program.
MSG (mono sodium glutamate) is a is very addictive and is the silent killer. It is

found in most processed foods such as hot dogs and sliced meats. snack chips,

commercial soups, and Gluten are a few of the others.
It can cause obesity and the metabolic syndrome. MSG destroys a zone in the brain

within the hypotalamus called the arcuate nucleus. This area of the brain controls

important fat controlling substances — Growth Hormone & Leptin. People become

leptin resistant when this happens. Leptin normally suppress appetite and

increases fat burning and helps prevent obesity.

Combining Trans Fats and MSG is a recipe for disaster. That is why we are seeing

obesity, type 2 diabetes, and fatty liver disease in younger people. Our program

along with many of our liquid supplements ( omega-3D, ALA, $ curcumin) can help

reverse this process. Exercise at least 45 mins./day. Build muscle to burn fat.
The program centers around the MICA 126 injection. It was formulated by Dr

Varallo approximately 8 years ago. You are urged to become familiar with all the

ingredients contained in the shot (see brochure). The key component is Myoden

(adenosine monophosphate -AMP).

Here is what these injections accomplish:

* Metabolize fat and remove it from the liver

Improve your energy & mood

Covert carbohydrates to energy

Suppress appetite

Lower your cholesterol (emulsify fat) & improve brain function

Decrease water weight

Best of luck on your journey to better health.
Joseph A Varallo MD, FACOG   609-601-2800  cell 610-470-9688